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Trout Fishing 2018 Fishing Report for Upper Sacramento River Fishing Map, Hunting Public,Clubs, Ranchjes

Trout Fishing 2018 Fishing Report for Upper Sacramento River Fishing Map & Public Hunting Areas, Clubs, Ranches

how to fish upper sacramento river

  Where to Fish the Upper Sacramento River, Fishing report and Local Hunting Clubs

What would you say if one of California's best trout population per mile lie right next to one to the busiest  highways in California?
The Upper  Sacramento  River finds some of the best trout  fishing in the state, and while casting files and  retrieving lures as the cars and trucks roar by not sound idyllic, this is perhaps this is why people don't stop and fish.
But still it is amazing  the Upper Sacramento is fished so infrequently by Californians.
As shown in our fishing map, the river’s source is in the  Shasta National Forest in southern Siskiyou County, into Siskiyou Lake, sort of a secondary starting point of  the river.
 Fishing is excellent  at Soda Creek, the mouth of Little Castle Creek and Root Creek down to Castle Crags State Park. More down on I-5,  there is great  Upper Sacramento river trout action at Castella, Sweetbriar and Contant.
 The  Upper Sacramento continues (see fishing map) until  it enters into Lake Shasta. Open from the last  Saturday in April until Nov. 15, the limit is 10 trout a day, and you can use bait, flies and lures. It’s  stocked,  but the wild trout population is the real quarry on the Upper Sacramento.  The wild trout can be sizable to 6 pounds, but  5 X  tippet line is what it takes to fool the wild trout, you need really light lines!!!!…..   
Fly fishing patterns for the Sacramento suggestions: Best wet flies are Cro Fly, Yellow  Jacket, Black and Brown Spent Wings,  size 6 to 8. Best dry Flies are yellow-bellied  Humpy, orange-bellied Humpy, size 10 to  14; Light Cahill, size 14; March brown, size  10; Grey Hackle Peacock, size 12; California Mosquito, size 16 

 We (ranch brokers) have some private fishing for trout and bass in this area, and many free fishing maps, and lists of private fly fishing properties. If you want hunting clubs and information about public lands check out

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 Even more, our sister site has 200+ ranches and hunting clubs, county by county, that you can hunt on or join.

Click on a county for Hunting Clubs & Private Ranches:

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